Oh Dawn \\ Based in Copenhagen, Made in Portugal

A creative mix between cold water surfing, Scandinavian design and fair materials production in Portugal. With a peerless approach, they bring fine threads and hand cut sleds that aim to challenge the dull presumptions of surf and design. OH DAWN arises from the surf collective, Shredsled Society. they believe in classics, chaos, clean lines and lots of high quality sweat. A small band of craftsmen and creatives, they are hell bent on making quality goods that reflect this blend of opposites. OH DAWN is a lifestyle brand founded in 2011 ND WE ARE STOKED TO HAVE IT AT THE OUR STORE. #hangfivebaleal #ohdawn #baleal #surfculture #unique

Twin Effect \\

about the twin \\ "twin-fin" is used as a general description for any board with two fins, it mostly refers to a particular type of stubby small-wave board made popular in the late 1970s by four-time world champion Mark Richards. In waves till 2 Meters, the twin-fin had great advantages, like: - wider planing surface offered more speed, while reduced length helped open up maneuverability. On the downside, twins-fins were jittery and slide-prone in all but the smallest waves, and unable to hold a sustained turn, making it hard to ride in big deep waves and worthless in huge waves. Mark Richards believes that (twin fin) was directly responsible for his competitive surfing success. why? "

This is Lizzy

we are so lucky to work and share our days with Lizzy \\ Vive um dia de cada vez, sem precisar de aprovação seja de quem for, segue os seus sonhos e faz o seu próprio caminho. Com amor e entrega espalha um pouco de si pelo mundo. Esta é a Lisa. Esta é a sua história. \\ She lives a day at a time, not needing anyone's approval, she follows her dreams and builds her own future. With love and deliver she spreads herself through the world. This is Lisa. This is her story. This IS Lisa \\ Found Lizzy's work at our store Filmed by The Outside Croud #hangfive #baleal #retrosurf #ilustration #art #surf #surfculture #lizzyartwork #portugal #unique #people


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