"change a life" project

We have been travelling to sri lanka since 2014 and during our fist lanka trip we fell in love with its culture and people. we met dostora and his family and where overwhelmed by his warm hearted and kind gestures towards us and his humility facing lifes' troubles & problems.

We became close friends since then and we go back every year to check out how he and his family are holding on. His older daughter has a severe heart condition and every help is welcome, she is also one of the brightest students in her public school. we aim to support her steps into college education, she would be the first in her family.


if you are keen to help a cingalese family struggling with finantial difficulties please let us know.

every year part of the store's profit is destined to help out a family.

Dostora's Family is the one we choose to help and support the best we can. 

We believe that you can change at least one life through out your lifetime and we try to make small changes with great love.

To support dostora's family send your contribution this way


IBAN: PT50003605489910000030415

bic/swift: mpioptpl

bank name: montepio peniche

transfer id: srilanka

Project sponsored by hangfive store baleaL


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