Surfer Benjamin Rossillon and designer Philippe Tissot want to convey their lifestyle throughhandmade high-end home furnishings and elegant home decor.

A new idea a coat hanger.

Shaped as a totem, this piece of furniture will save you space in your wardrobe and give a mystic atmosphere to your interior.

From Surfboard to unique piece of furnitureFoam offers countless designs and type of furniture.We design the deck, next we laminate the resin allowingthe deck to harden and gain resistance.Then, the designer paints the canvas and customized the board.The last step is varnishing to give the piece of furniture a shiny look.Produce locally to reduce the impact on the environmentWe chose our suppliers carefully based on their know-how andthe origin of the material they use.The decks are shaped in one of the best surfboard production site in Portugal.The beech wood table legs come from French forests and made in France.The bases made of waxed concrete are mold in Burgundy.

Each piece of furniture is unique, handmade stamped with the production date and signed.

Bolge 79T | Design Furniture

1.406,00 €Price
  • Weight N/A

    200 x 26 cm


    All White, Black Edition, Burlington Grid1, Natural Cork Tie & Dye


    18 kg

    manufacturing time

    6 to 8 weeks


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