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about the twin \\ "twin-fin" is used as a general description for any board with two fins, it mostly refers to a particular type of stubby small-wave board made popular in the late 1970s by four-time world champion Mark Richards. In waves till 2 Meters, the twin-fin had great advantages, like: - wider planing surface offered more speed, while reduced length helped open up maneuverability. On the downside, twins-fins were jittery and slide-prone in all but the smallest waves, and unable to hold a sustained turn, making it hard to ride in big deep waves and worthless in huge waves.

Mark Richards believes that (twin fin) was directly responsible for his competitive surfing success. why? "The extra tail width of the twin fin gave me more flotation and the twin fin configuration produced a faster looser and more responsive performance, which allowed me to really attack a wave." (mark richards)

Video by: Matt Kleiner

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