Classic Socks

Today we will tell you a story! The history of the glorious socks that every portuguese soul, enough grown, perfectly knows. We were at 80´s, and a Portuguese textile company created something innovative, that would remain for generations, and be a constant in every important family celebration as the "perfect gift" on the eyes of all grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, mothers.. How effective was this product to seduce all matriarchs? Unfortunately we can´t find the information to tell you exactly who had the idea of crossing 2 rackets and 2 stripes - a blue and a red, in a white sportive pair of socks. We can link the inspiration to the popularity of Tennis and its contests in that times. The main European championships took place in France and England what helps to justify the colours of the stripes. Perhaps the "visionary" was a great fan of this sport, maybe him / her was a player too... Or maybe it was the "portuguese way" to recreate the Adidas collections that several professional tennis players were representing during the games.. well, it doesn´t go further than reasonable assumptions... What we know is that we couldn´t spend another Xmas without our sweet memorable socks, and we were on a search for the socks that were our predictable gift for years, and we found it! Now we can call ourselves revivalists! (some will call us hipsters, and we dont care!) ehehe

We have it at Hangfive store!!

- It Sucks. The Classiest Socks -

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