We should all say thank's ...Salt Water Magazine. Frequencies are energy and energy is what we're all made out of, that's why we're all connected to every living thing, and to each other.

What does that sound like — a spiritual scripture or the voiceover for a surf movie? Hopefully, your answer is both.

The Zone Frequency is a recent film by Jack Coleman featuring Bryce Young, Ryan Burch, Derrick Disney, Ari Browne, Ozzie Wright, Asher Pacey, Robin Kegel, Andy Nieblas, Gavin Beschen, Eric Snortum and Rangi Ormond. We published an article on this beautiful project in our Volume 3.

They ride longboards. Shortboards. Old boards. New boards. Weird boards. Often finless and always fun. Shot at choice spots around the world, the film is a great representation of the alternative side of modern surfing.

The Zone Frequency is available for purchase on Vimeo. But, for now, enjoy it for free during 24h. Feel free to share the stoke.


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