I surf for fun!

While we are all at home wondering about the waves we will score in few days, this is the right moment to remember why we surf. And here at Hangfive, our answer is clear : for fun !

Harrison Roach here shows what we like. On this short video, edit by Sector Nine in 2011, small waves are synonym of big fun.

You might think that it is easy, talented like him, to have fun. The guy can surf everything, no matter the size of the wave or the board under his feet. If big traditional longboards can be difficult to surf in some ways, the road for noserides definitely worth it.

Since few days now, we have a model at the shop that we created with the help of our friend Miguel Constantino and Riccard Pietra.. The Seabird, 9’3 of pure fun. Not as heavy as a classic board, this one can be defined as an alternative board that allows you to get used to more centimetres and above all more inertia. Easier departures in summer waves, yet noticeable manoeuvrability, enough width and thickness to let yourself go for crossing steps.

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by Corentin Clech

link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYHtmvftHoU&t=2s

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