Scorpion Dance

Donald Takayama may have been the first professional surfer, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest shaper that ever lived. His creations have inspired generations of shapers, and will always be models for the future.

With several decades of experience in creating what we know today, he has been able to develop models with proven performance, both for longboards like the Model T (to mention just one) and small boards, with the Scorpion model. Today, you only have to look at Devon Howard's glide to know that these boards are gems…


The Scorpion Model can be defined as a high-performance mini longboard. can also be defined as the ultimate mini-noserider ! This board, first designed in the mid-60s has been reworked throughout the years to be an all-purpose surfboard. With the width of a longboard toward the nose but a narrow pin tail, it is the best alternative when you don’t want to surf a longer board. A must have in your quiver.

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