Quarantine sucks!

Especially with waves like today in front of the shop. But, these few days may not be so hard to fear for those who still go surfing, taking advantage of empty line-ups.

When countries are fighting against a still very unknown virus, when whole families are decimated in a few weeks, when in border countries you need a signed authorization to go and buy pasta, for some going surfing a wave or two to satisfy the ego and a thirst for rebellion seems more important.

These days are not your traditional vacations.

Waiting a few days to find out how to live without endangering everyone around us is not so hard, it should be fine. The fact that nothing seems to presume a global pandemic around you is that you're lucky, just make sure that doesn't change! It's your own responsibility not to participate in the spread of this virus.

Just stay home.

We did not go. And you ?

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6J3ZQ9nPYkwgxlCKCORseY

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