Film is not dead
the Analog Picture with AnAnAsAsAna

Miguel Constantino, french-portuguese musician, sound engineer and photographer already has some Publications in diferent magazines like 

Acid, Paper Sea Quarterly, Find Rangers Camera Club and Caolendario 2014.

AnAnAsAsAnA is His own playground, an artistic platform, where he make stuff following the diy criteria and he uses analogue cameras often older than him.
All the photos are  shot on film (35mm or 120 format) before being pixelised.

we has also a dark room available to teach how to develop photographies.


 // Initiation to analogue photography

and understanding the photographic process

    - examples of different cameras

       (single lens reflex, rangefinder, twin lens reflex, folder camera ...)
    - film characteristics
    - setting for the correct exposure

Price: 40 euros ( 1 hour workshop, including 2 days rent of a camera

with a black & white roll of film)


// Processing your first black & white film 

    - learn to process your film by hand
    - how to load the film in the tank
    - preparation of the chemicals
    - step by step process 
    - evaluation of the negative (density, contrast, possible errors)
Price: 60 euros (2 hours workshop, including equipment and chemicals)


// Darkroom printing

    - how does work an enlarger
    - the gelatin silver process
    - characteristics of black & white paper
    - printing a contact sheet
    - making an enlargement

Price: 60 euros (2 hours workshop, including equipment, chemicals, and paper)


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